Monday, March 18, 2013

Here's a glimpse of what I've been up to lately.

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I have recently relocated to SLAVE TO THE NEEDLE the Wallingford location in Seattle wa. I feel honored to be working along side of some amazing artists.

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Location:A change of shops.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

New paintings for sale.

Here's the full list of new paintings I've done in the last month or so. Contact me at to buy, or commission a custom piece.

Rising blue dragon. 12x12" acrylic on cradled board. $500

On the bright side. Acrylic on cradled board. 8x8" SOLD

Genesis #2 graphite and acrylic on paper 22x30" SOLD

Genesis graphite and acrylic on paper. 22x30" SOLD

Dragon #1 ink and acrylic on paper 10x22" $250

Dragon #2 ink and acrylic on paper 10x22" $250

Panther,nurse, raven freak out. Ink and acrylic on paper. 22x30" $250

Life and death. Graphite and acrylic on tinted paper. 22x30" $250

Truth. Ink and acrylic on paper 22x30" $250

Panther abstraction 33x50" ink and acrylic on paper. SOLD

Shi Shi trip out. Multi media on paper. 22x30" $350

Women and rose 22x30" multi media on paper. SOLD

Abstraction 22x30" multi media. For sale $350

Fudo and dragon 10x10" liquid acrylic on cradled panel. $400

Chrysthanamum 22x30" ink on paper SOLD

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Here Are a few pics of a big dragon that I did on my friend Damian's leg. We initially were going to do a Tibetan skull in this space, but after I looked at it more I realized I liked the flow of a dragon better for his leg, plus he has way to many skulls already tattooed on his body. This tattoo was completed in two sessions I'm about 9 hours or so.


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Finished this karajishi botan(or fu dog and peony) half sleeve.
This was a great experience all around on this tattoo. The client came to me with the names of her children that her mother in law had written in Chinese years ago when they were born. And wanted to do something with them, incorporating them into a larger tattoo. I suggested a Shi Shi or fu dog. The fu dog is a strong and brave mother, often sending her cubs in perils I that they may overcome it and become stronger. All the while never being to far to let them fall. I thought this fit in well with what she was trying to express.
We had a great time with this tattoo, many laughs, and great stories were had.
Thanks to Lorena and her family for all the love an support.

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Dragon back piece.

Here are a few pics of the first session of this dragon back piece outline.
I will be adding a tail section down the right back of the thigh. And scales in the second outlining session.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Here's a few process shots of how I work for painting.

First things first, sketch out my ideas. I'll rough them out first, not trying to get anything perfect. Then refine them after I get the general ideas down.

Second is the lay out. When it comes to a flash page lay out can be half the battle. You want the images to work together, and look cohesive. I'll usually take a day or so to get a big page like this(17x24) laid out the way I like it, before I line it out.

They I line out the images using a light table or saral paper if its on board. Then figure out if I'm going to have a color scheme for all the images, or keep it loose.then start painting. Depending on the images it can take me anywhere from 2 to 5 days to do a page this size.

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Recent things I've started.

Here's a lion rib piece. She's so small we had to figure out a fun and intriguing way to fit the coolest parts of the lion into a dynamic side piece.

Here's a Shi Shi and botan, also known as the fu dog and peonies. In this one we have her children's names glowing in the middle of the peonies written in Chinese.

This is a representational portrait of Thomas Jefferson's mistress.

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My sketchbook.

Here's a few recent pages from my large scale sketchbook. 17x24" male it easy to get big ideas down fast.

Here's a koi and water sketch. I will usually start with a almost translucent color for my base sketch, rough out my shapes, then refine with darker colors.

Here's a cropped version of a dragon back piece study.

Another dragon back piece study.


ONI in the mist.


Water and roses.

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