Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sketch book

Here's what I do in my sketch book sometimes.

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Sumi tiger

I was sitting around the other day and decided to paint this.

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A raven

Odd placement can't see it all.

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Sol eyed salmon half sleeve

This was a really fun and challenging project. This young man was from Alaska and a fisherman. He wanted a sok eyed salmon, but he wanted it to be how they look when they are in the ocean, Which is this iridescent look. Now this is hard to do in the first place but then to translate that look into a traditional Japanese style tattoo was another challenge. I wasn't sure until I put the last color in it if it had worked out or not. So here it is. Let me know what you think.

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Tried something new

It's a smoke panther with a snake winding through it.

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A good start

Fun tiger half sleeve into chest panel(the way it should be done!) I started the other day. Really excited to start this project. And future projects me and will are talking about.

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A little free hand action

When I initially started this I had a Nicely drawn out golden eagle. But it just wasn't fitting in his arm right. I tried to re draw it a little, still not sitting right in his arm. So at last I just broke out the brush pens and was like "here we go!" it was a little sketchy before we started. But I think he could see where I was going with it. It ended up being a fun tattoo. I always live doing the feet in birds. Tends to be my favorite part.

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Friday, December 9, 2011

hannya and peonies black and grey half sleeve tattoo.

here's a hannya and peonies half sleeve that i did yesterday. i love doing big black and grey tattoos like this, tons of fun and they can usually go really fast! this one only took me three hours from start to finish.

Monday, December 5, 2011

here's a forearm dragon 1/2 sleeve ive been working on for a little bit. started as a stand alone piece, and ended up adding the rest on. rally happy with this, i feel it's the best dragon i have done as of yet.


every friday i do $50.00 old flash tattoos, no appointments just walk in and get a fun tattoo! please remember i literally do not make any money on these, so tipping is of great thanks!
 a couple paintings i did this week. it's winter time which always means it's slow for us tattooers. but just so you know it's a great time to get tattooed, don't have to worry about the sun, or swimming. just get tattooed and forget about it. anyway, so in these couple months i tend to be productive on painting. so here ya have it, this weeks paintings.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

some recent paintings I've finished.

 had a bunch of rose drawing laying around some new, some old so i made a new rose page of flash.
 had to work late one night, and wanted to do a painting, unfortunetly i didn't have any of my own paint at work. soooooo, the only colors i could find that i like where this gold, and a shimmery purple. i think the page is pretty fun, i always like tweaking color schemes and trying something new.
just a dragon

my dog on a walk in the woods. and some doodles.

I've been obsessed with pendelton lately!

here are a couple used ones i scored the other day. i will trade tattoos for awesome pendelton shirts, jackets, or other items. hit me up to work something out.

some weirdo doodles.

 when my mind sounds like a tv on a channel of static fully on blast. this is what comes out on those days.

some graff stuff

 SODA as done by the great PHASE 2. got this when he got stranded in minneapolis mn, for a couple months. we would hang out and draw every night with my friends task and cause. really great memories.
i don't know who this jerk is but i like his style.

some bigger projects I've finished and some new stuff.

 the gnome battle 1/2 sleeve I've been working finally done.
a double ended candle being held by a dragon claw! burn it at both ends and chase that dragon.
tattooed this girl on a girl who came down from canada to get tattooed by me. i always am flattered when people travel any distance to get tattooed by me.

knee cap butterfly ouch!!!

$50.00 flashback friday!!

these where the tattoos i did on my first $50 FLASHBACK FRIDAY event. i have old books of flash and my own flash and drawings to choose from. come in and get a fun tattoo! at a insanely cheap price. every friday at UNDER THE NEEDLE TATTOO, only with me LEVI WALKER POLZIN.

some new things I've been working on.

 did this tiger head on eli's friend.

heres a group of tattoo's i did on eli yarian, of the yarian's who work and own EAGLE RIVER TATTOO in the aptly named eagle river alaska. had a good time talking with eli about his family of tattooers up in alaska. i definetly recommend to anyone visiting alaska or who lives there to stop by eagle river tattoo and say hello, and get a tattoo.

Friday, November 4, 2011

been a little bit.

here's a couple tattoos i did recently sorry about the lack of updating, been trying to keep busy with non-internet things.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just outlined this angel demon chest.

Here's a new chest tattoo I started today. Joel had passed this one off on to me because I'm more versed in the human form. Got to say this was a lot of fun drawing and tattooing!

The sketch

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

mini tats!!!

 here are a couple single needle tattoos i did on my friend brandon.
tattooing with a single is one of my favorite things to do! i love the unstable nature of a single needle. theres no going back. just pull the line and go! hope you enjoy these as much as i enjoyed tattooing them.

levi walker polzin.


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