Monday, June 27, 2011

to crazy for some.

drew up this little crazy umbrella when a group of kids came in and asked me for a "wild wacked out" umbrella. then when they saw my drawing were like "uhhhhhhh..." hahaha this always strikes me as surprising and can be a blow to the ego if i cared enough. as it stands i like the design, someone should come in and get it tattooed on them!

tony's back 4th session

here's a quick snap shot i took of my friend tony's back that im working on. this dragon goes all the way down to his knees. it's a really fun and challenging project. definetly want to do more big dragons!

starting a chest piece 6-26-11

got thte outline done on this chest i started the other day. fun idea. he just wanted a hour glass and left the rest up to me. this is always the best way to get tattooed by me it seems. give me a basic idea and let me do my thing! i will always give you a great tattoo, maybe not exactly what you had expected, but still awesome.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

zombie slayer sleeve.

 got a little work a zombie slayer sleeve im working on. not quite my normal thing, but still a fun project.

some random stuff from since vie been back.

 a rose i saw while walking home yesterday. life is always the best inspiration.
 moth i did on my buddy curt baer's throat!
rose i drew inspired by the one i saw while walking by my house.

well im back from europe!!!

 tattoo i did on a friend of mine down in LA. it's the fool card in tarot.
 the queen mary which i stayed on.

 me getting tattooed by bill look in amsterdam at TATTOO PETERS.
 view out our window in the amsterdam apartment.

 just some magic.
 panther style.

 castle in luxumbourg

here's a couple images of things i did in europe and la.


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