Sunday, February 27, 2011


this june me and a couple other tattooer friends will be heading out to the amsterdam convention. im so excited for this! this will be my first time tattooing out of the united states. i am hoping to explore, meet new people, and learn tons of stuff.


some roses i did as a walk in. I think i only tattooed roses that whole day. never a bad thing.

from the abyss

octopus half sleeve i started a week ago. just now letting you see.


photo of a oni doodle i was working on the other week. enjoy.


a couple snap shots from a little adventure me and a couple friends went on the other day. we went looking for a ghost town.....sadly our search for the ghost town was null. but we did find this old cemetary!
started my friend tony's back the other day. finally had a moment to up date the blog. this was five hours of outlining. tony sat like a champ, even durring the part where i was tattooing in his butt crack!.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My bloody valentine

Sorry it's been a minuet. I've been busy with drawings. Lots of exciting stuff coming up will have pictures soon. None today, because I'm currently writing from my phone. But soon. I'm sitting at home listening to old my bloody valentine drawing multiple koi sleeves. Thank god koi sleeve are always fun to draw. Maybe it's all the water and flow you can make with it. And make it different every time! Anyway, the cold weather is keeping me indoors so hopefully I will get everything done.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get the shit out

Well, not to much happened today. Went into the shop and worked on a drawing for a t-shirt. Then worked on a sketch for a octopus half sleeve. My mind was all over the place today, one of the days I hate being an artist by trade. I hate it only because I need to keep myself in shape mentally inregards to drawing and making art. So, even on days where it seems like I just can't put a line in the right place. I will force myself to at least work on Somerhing. It doesn't have to be perfect, hell, more often then not in these situations it looks like crap. But as an old artist friend told me years ago. "you have to get the crap out, in order to make way for the good stuff." this statement I have held close for many years.
So as I sit at work, with pencil in hand. Wanting more then anything to just go and sit and watch tv, or read, or shoot the shit with a friend, I push on. And eventually Something comes.

So, remember in those times of artistic dumbfoundedment. Just push on. Get the shit out!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


a kitsune that i finished tonight. i did the outline about a year ago and finally got to finish this. pretty happy about it. normally when i have to wait so long to finish a piece i loose my intrest for it. i know maybe it's not "cool" to say that but it's true.

anyway, yet another japanese tattoo in the portfolio.


The cold

I'm not sure what it is about the cold. Maybe it's that you have to find Somthing entertaining to do inside. Unless you like hanging around outside in the cold. Then you probably snowboard like my younger brother. But for me, I hate being out side in the frigid weather of winter. So I find myself time and time again, within the confines of a small dimly lit room usually sketching, painting reading, or researching. Sometimes it's a book with pictures, and I'm scouring it for just the right thing to break my preconceived idea of how I view Somthing. Or at other times it's a wordy physics book, that I am searching for the same aforementioned "new, old idea".
The cold, how I have always found some sort of contentment in your chilling embrace.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Right now it's 12:55am and I'm in my study reading about irezumi tattooing. I have many reference books, some common, some not as easily found. I studied Japanese tattooing many years before I even thought of attempting to tattooing it on someone. I feel the responsibility, even, if not more so as a westerner, to tell the stories correctly. And to depict the images in a proper way, to the best of ones knowledge. Is very important in Japanese style tattooing.

So once again, I am sitting in my study, reading, researching, diving deeper into the world of tattooing Wich I have called my home for the last 11 years.


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