Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some more random recent stuff.

Got bored waiting for a client to show up. So he got a dragon set up!

Quick pin up on my friend grant.

Tough lion!

Hippy stuff

Fairy wonderland.

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Random photos from my life.

Me and my fog gomez. Taking advantage of a rare sunny moment in Seattle. Yes, it really is like you've heard. Nothing but rain, grey and flannel.

Me and my girlfriend randomly heard that nada surf was playing the other night an rushed to go see them. Such a great show!

All my colors are made by close friends or by me.

In LA. I think I was being Godzilla coming out of the ocean to ravage the city.

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A few random things I have done recently

Did this black swan and rose before I went to LA.

Started this Phoenix rib panel.

Me re thinking, Chris conn re thinking Owen jenson.

This rose and the day of the dead skull bellow were the final pieces to be finished in a calf sleeve.

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It's been a while.

Here's a dragon I'm mostly finished with. Pretty stoked on this. I draw a dragon almost everyday. And I finally feel its beginning to pay off.

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