Thursday, August 18, 2011

tiger i finished

tiger i finished the other day. super stoked on this one. based the general pose and rock lay-out on a old HORICHO print. most of my larger japanese has a detailed feel, but firmly rooted in the classic very traditional roots.

fun stuff

 a koi i did a couple months ago.
and a fun little seahorse i did today in between a bunch of tim lehi tattoos.


here are a couple black and grey roses i did a couple months back. me and another co-worker (matt lentz) tattoo this girl on a fairly regular basis. it's always traditional stuff, which i dont do as much these days. so makes it fun.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

some recent japanese work.

 hanya mask i did on the fly yesterday. had a cancelation and a friend of mine came in and got this. super fun, i love doing noh masks. just the dramatic expressions, and colors make for great tattoos.
this woman was only in town for a day and REALLY wanted to get this terrible rose she had on her chest covered s=with a koi chest pannel. of course it was a crazy day and i was already done with work. but sometimes you just have to take on a fun project even when your beat.

Monday, August 1, 2011


 hanya doodle
quick walk in of a fancy lady. i used to do one of these a day!

some dragon paintings ive been working on.

 detail picture of a bid sumi dragon im working on.

finished this dragon 1/2 sleeve left and right painting. im really stoked on these. once again harkoning to the very traditional japanese stuff that i love, with a touch of the modern.

emily/s leg

finially finished my friend emily/s baku leg. this was a super fun piece. i kept it really bold and readable, wich has really been my goal for my japanese stuff as of late.

sorry it's been a while.

 beautiful mt. ranier

 making things


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