Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Finished bigger stuff.

Bugs and peony sleeve.

Spiritual black and grey sleeve

Tiger and bamboo 1/2 sleeve into chest panel.

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Random tattoos.

Every once in a blue moon, I do a portrait just for fun.

Traditional-ish butterfly.

Hokusai based rooster.

Walk in skull and cherry blossoms.

Crazed monkey.

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Some recent paintings.

Submission for a beer coaster art show.

Fu dog and peony.

Present for Timothy hoyer.

Golden dragon.

Koi and lotus.

White dragon.

Lotus in transition.

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A few American pieces.

Here's a few American traditional pieces for all you people out there who like that stuff. I rarely do this stuff anymore, but always enjoy it.

Roses and dagger

Eagle thigh.

Bat and key


Very simple rose.

Snake and dagger.

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Some recent In progress stuff.

Here's a fu dog with a peony in its mouth 3/4 sleeve I started the other week. Excited to finish this one.

A walk in koi/lotus 3/4 sleeve. He wanted to distract from the poorly done koi he got years ago.

Lower background section of a sleeve I'm working on about a persons trip to Bali.

Poseidon rib panel with cover up.

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